One thing that i like on my older phone, a Sony Ericsson W800i, is the light (camera light, but you can use it without the camera). So i thought about a solution for my Freerunner and the result is the following article. At least ⇒ At own's risk ;)


  • Two leds
  • Two resitors
  • a miniusb B male connector
  • a bit solder
  • and a bit hot glue

and you have a light for your Freerunner :D




German Wikipedia-article about the universal serial bus ⇒


Cut the usb cable and seperate the rubber of the usbmini connector and remove the pins 2,3,4 (a lower risk of a short circuit). Now solder the components according to the schematic. WARNING ⇒ risk of a short circuit on the metal parts of the connector. Check the circuit without the metal part, if it works.

without the metal part of the connector

with the metal part of the connector

with hot glue (i know its not very beautiful, but it works, it's robust and i have no short circuit ;)


When i searched for a good solution to activate the host-mode of the freerunner i found this blog entry

Joseph Reeves modified his usbmode-button package after a few suggestions by me and here is his new blog-article with Version 0.2

Thanks Joseph Reeves :D

You can toggle the host-mode on and off with a click on the icon.

It works!



Improvements? Ideas!

It works but it's not very beautiful, perhaps you have any ideas. Mail me :D

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